Lucky Him: He's the Fireman

A young boy knows how lucky the firefighter is - riding in a big firetruck, playing with the firehouse dog, and sliding down the firehouse pole - but if he ever needs help, the firefighter will be there to help him, so he's lucky, too! Lucky Him: He's the Fireman is a wonderfully simple story for children about one of their favorite community helpers! The vibrant water color illustrations were created by real-life FDNY Lieutenant Josef Fischer. Songwriter Joe Guida's uplifting children's tune (available separately) makes Lucky Him: He's the Fireman enjoyable to read AND sing!


Author Valerie Pfundstein

Valerie Pfundstein enjoys traveling and speaking with students about the importance of remembering our true heroes - the men and women who serve our country and humbly serve our communities. An educator with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, Valerie has been a teacher, scout leader, and youth organizer. She lives in The Villages, Florida  with her husband Paul (a retired FDNY firefighter).