Lucky Him: He's the Fireman!

A young boy knows how lucky the firefighter is - riding in a big firetruck, playing with the firehouse dog, and sliding down the firehouse pole - but if he ever needs help, the firefighter will be there to help him, so he’s lucky, too! 

Lucky Him: He’s the Fireman is a wonderfully simple story for children about one of their favorite community helpers! 

The vibrant water color illustrations were created by real-life FDNY Lieutenant Josef Fischer.​Songwriter Joe Guida’s uplifting children’s tune (available separately) makes Lucky Him: He’s the Fireman enjoyable to read AND sing! 

About Author Valerie Pfundstein

Valerie Pfundstein enjoys traveling and speaking with students about the importance of identifying the true heroes in their lives and writing stories about them. An educator with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, Valerie has been a teacher, scout leader, and youth organizer. She lives in Deer Park, New York with her husband Paul (a firefighter with the FDNY), and their three children. “Lucky Him: He’s the Fireman” is her second book. Her first book was Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner “Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood.”

About Illustrator Josef Fischer

Joe Fischer is currently a Lieutenant in the FDNY and has worked in the fire service since 1994. He also has a B.A. in Industrial Design and has always had a passion for art. He was excited to share his talent to help create this fun and exciting book. This is his first children’s book.

About Songwriter Joe Guida

Joe Guida is a singer /songwriter who performs his original songs in schools and libraries on Long Island, NY. Many of his songs are used at Moving Up and Kindergarten Graduation ceremonies throughout the country. His Number Songs and School Bus Safety tunes have become an important learning tool for many school districts around the States. He was very excited when Valerie asked him to write a song for her latest book “Lucky Him, He’s a Fireman.” Visit his website