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Author Valerie Pfundstein will introduce children to real- life “superheroes” - our military veterans, who walk among us every day.  Children will discover the similarities between the veterans and the superheroes that are immortalized in cartoons and movies. The children will be introduced to some real life veterans through pictures, song, and stories, and through an author reading of “Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood.”  

Valerie's grandfather served with the U.S. Navy during World War II and modeled a sense of patriotism that she has always felt compelled to share.  “There are so many patriots who are true heroes, in every sense of the word, who serve and humbly return to our communities. We should recognize and show our appreciation for their selfless service.”  Valerie lives with her husband, Paul, a New York City firefighter, and their three children in Long Island, New York.

“Few of us will ever witness an act of valor, yet we walk among heroes who perform them every day—not in military uniform or wearing their medals, but while serving our communities as teachers, firefighters, mail carriers.” —Valerie Pfundstein, Author, Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood

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